Casting on Love is my personal charity group which I have had for a number of years.
I have now decided to use the power of blogging to gather more friends to participate.
Casting on Love is designed to use our talents of knitting, crochet or quilting. With them we can meet 3 basic needs common to both humans and animals.

Comfort, security, & warmth.

~Paw Patches~


1)  Variations: Small 20x20 inches, or Large the size of a crib blanket.
          (smalls are for puppies and the many cats and kittens, larges are for the dogs.)

a.)  Knit or crochet only 20x20 blankets for puppies, kittys and cats and send them in.

b.)  Or you may stitch blocks or one large piece for the large dogs and send those in (connected or not).

c)  Please use tight stitches so little claws don't get caught and also use heavier yarn.
      Color choice is your own.


2)  Place your lovely items in your shipping envelope or box and please write "Paw Patches" on the bottom left hand side of the envelope or box for easy sorting.

Easy Peasy!!

  When you are all ready to mail your package, send me an email to and I will send you our address.

Here is a photo of the flat rate envelope and two sizes in boxes.  These all ship for $4.95 no matter how much it weighs.  "If it fits, it ships!"  and these work perfectly for our purposes.

So lets get those needles clickety-clacking for love!